Route of Royal speed ball
Royal Speed Ball organizes rally which will start from Ludhiana to Kathmandu and back to Ludhiana. Participants will be required to follow traffic rules. Royal Speed Ball nor the organizing team will be responsible for any traffic rules violation and all the participants will be solely responsible for their own cars. The rally will have 2 stops in Agra and Lucknow. Each car will be flagged off with an interval of 2 mins. A guided tour can also be provided for the people as it will give the people a better understanding of culture and history of those places altogether. Many Celebrities and Foreign tourists will be participating in the rally. Participants would be staying in all 5 Star hotel properties all the way to Kathmandu and back.
We are a group of auto enthusiasts who have launched a motorsports club in Ludhiana in a big way. Its was incorporated in 2015 & we are now 5 years old. The group consists of 10K like minded auto enthusiasts who take their passion for racing and adventure very seriously. We also try to channelize the youth of Punjab towards productive activities like Racing and Meeting other enthusiasts!!
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(Punjab Heritage Rally: Ludhiana to Kathmandu)
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